Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Daytime not worth listening to

What happened to Mama Jazz? Most of your daytime programs aren’t worth listening to the first time--much less a repeat. Bring back Mama Jazz.

--Thomas, via email

[Thomas and others: please see our Program News web page or refer to the August 2008 SoundWords if you are a contributor to WMUB.--Ed.]

Programming has taken a wrong direction

I feel your new programming has taken a wrong direction. When I read about the Miami U. study headed up by the Journalism Program Chair I didn't have to read any further.

In my mind I have many/enough media options at my disposal to hear and read news.

I truly miss Mama Jazz and at this time am not ready to go to the expense of getting HD radios for my home and cars.

As I look at it right now, what was my monetary support for WMUB can be funneled else where.

--Ronald, via email

Monday, August 25, 2008

All NPR stations need a schedule like this

I recently moved from central Pennsylvania, WPSU territory, and there and elsewhere I have always been annoyed by the scarcity of news and talk content (i.e. actual news) in favor of classical music or jazz; whenever that music would come on, I started turning the dial for something better, and I usually ended up settling on the vastly inferior offerings of AM talk-radio. I mean, sure it's okay for that kind of music to be on the radio, but radio has too many music stations anyway. Also, whenever I drive to a new area the first thing I listen for is the NPR station (I am glad that in NW Cincinnati I can find at least 2), and if I'm not hearing news on that station I'll probably skip over it unintentionally; back when I moved to State College, PA, I didn't find WPSU for months, and a guy I knew who had lived there for years still wasn't aware that his area had an NPR station at all!

--James Edward Lewis, Cincinnati

Friday, August 22, 2008

Proud to be a WMUB listener

I would be proud to be identified as a WMUB listener. I love NPR.

Please let me know where I can send a check to support the station. Also, since I am retired, I would like to help when you need volunteers.

--Doug Wills

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I won't be part of your family

Please remove [my] address from your mailings. With your new programming I won't be a part of your family anymore!

--Ronald, Dayton

Can I listen some other way?

I recently tried your experimental flash based player. It seems to work okay, but I'd like to get direct access to the mp3 stream so I can listen to it on another devices other than my desktop PC. Is there a way to do that?

--Peter, via email

[Program Director John Hingsbergen writes:

The level of streaming service we are paying for at the moment does not provide that option. It's a package that includes the Flash player. We'll be evaluating the usage as time goes by and consider the possibility of upgrading at a later time.

We just signed up with these folks this summer so we could make sure we are making all three streams available in a reliable format. It is still somewhat experimental for us.

I don't understand the technology all that well but I believe that by doing this via the flash player, it reduces the amount of bandwidth necessary and keeps our cost as low as possible.

We'll keep evaluating this service so please feel free to check in again. In the meantime, I will double-check with the provider and if I learn anything that might be helpful to you, I'll pass it along. One of the issues we raised with them is about access to the streams by mobile devices such as iPhones and they have identified a player for that purpose.]

What has happened

Please tell me what has happened to Momma Jazz. Her program is the reason I have listened and supported WMUB these many years: if she has been discarded and not replaced, I have no further reason to do either.

--Bob, via email

[Sure. The 3,000+ members of WMUB who receive our monthly newsletter, or those who visit our web site, have been fully informed about changes to the Mama Jazz show and others. See also our Programnews web site for fuller details.--Ed.]

So long!

When you cancelled the evening Mama Jazz show for the shaky-voiced Diane Rehm show, you lost me as a regular listener. At night, we like music--not a repeat show of talk radio. If I wanted talk radio, I'd listen to one of several AM stations.

So long!

--Tony, via email

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'm elated to see the switch

I've recently accepted a position at Miami University and I'm elated to see that you have made the switch to a 24 hour news and talk format. I became addicted to this format after being introduced to WUOM in Ann Arbor during graduate school and have continued to get my fix via KQED San Fransisco, during my time in CA. I will be donating and volunteering at your pledge drives, as I feel that NPR is one of the best investments that can be made toward maintaining a well informed public.

In addition, I'm happy to hear that you have made the jump to HD radio. While some may be hesitant at first, they will soon realize that digital HD radio will lead to greater diversity on the airwaves, as is already evident with the three WMUB options, due to its ability to carry many more stations within the existing government alloted bandwidth. It will be a great way for news addicts such as myself to coexist with the jazz and classical music aficionados.

-- Rob, Miami University

I did not get to vote on this

I am writing you today to inform you that I can no longer support your radio station. The reason being that someone there made a command decision to take off some of the programs that I enjoy- Mama Jazz and Overnight Jazz. I understand that Mama has not been well lately and I can see taking the show off for a while. But I can't see taking off Overnight Jazz.

If I understand correctly, both of these shows are now on your HD station. That's great, but...I don't have an HD receiver, nor do I feel that I should have to go buy one just in order to the the programs I like. Besides, I don't know if your HD signal can be picked up here in Brookville, OH. If not and I purchased an HD receiver, it would be for naught.

I realize that even though you are a public station and a non-profit, you still have to run the station as a business. I hope you polled ALL of the members before you switched programing. If you did, I DID NOT GET TO VOTE ON THIS ONE.

In the past I have always sent you on average $20.00 each year. I realize that amount is not going to make or break you. But if 1,000 people gave you $20.00 per year and decide to no longer support you, you're down $20,000 per year. That's quite a chunk of money.

When you get rid of the Diane Rehm Show, Talk of the Nation and BBC World Service on your overnight broadcast and replace it with Overnight Jazz, I'll be back. If I want to listen to "talk radio" I'll listen to WHIO-AM or someother AM station.

--David, Brookville, OH

I like the new changes

I like the new changes -- thank you!

--Betsy, Dayton

Look at the upside

I whined when you switched from Big Bands [in 1998] and now I love the daytime line-up. I love going to sleep to jazz -- but that's nothing to the upside of adding the new line-up. Congratulations!

I've increased to $1/day to compensate for anyone dropping.

--Charlotte, Oxford

Likes Mary Jo cooking segments

I like Mary Jo's cooking segments on Saturday. Always interesting!

--Marian, Dayton

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Will reevaluate financial support

Before your programming switch, between my car and my home, I averaged approximately 30 - 40 hours a week tuned to WMUB. That average has dropped to 10 hours at most.

Based on that fact, I will have to reevaluate where I invest my future monetary support.

If my experience is typical of any percentage of your listeners, that cannot bode well for you.

Best regards and best of luck.

--David, via email

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I won't be renewing

I won't be renewing [because you're] no longer providing the jazz programs.

--Kelly, Eaton

I already miss Mama Jazz

I just wanted to write and express my opinion on the recent overnight programming change. I get off work every night at midnight, and I already miss hearing Mama Jazz's distinct voice and great music selection. I am 24 years old and started listening to her show in high school as a joke. One friend and I were in a rock band at the time, and we would always blast classical music when driving other friends around just to see how they would react. One night while trying to find some classical, we discovered Mama Jazz by accident and started tuning in to her show as the reaction music. But the jazz grew on us rather quickly, and we have both been fans ever since.

I understand the reason behind making the station a full-time news resource, but there is already a variety of news media available almost everywhere you turn. The new change also really kills the unique character of WMUB.

Hopefully one day you'll bring Mama back to 88.5. It seems like sending a show to HD radio is the beginning of the end, because who actually tunes into that? I don't know ANYONE who has ever even listened to a single HD broadcast. Anyhow, I hope Mama knows her show is missed.

--John, via email

Monday, August 11, 2008

You got me through surgery

I'm sorry I will not be making my small donation because of the changes. I don't listen any more. I don't have a computer and can't listen to HD Radio. Thanks for the years of jazz, both Mama Jazz and overnight. You got me through serious surgery. It was an escape. I used to listen at nights with earphones.

--Dick, West Chester

I never change the station

I like all of your programs. I listen 24 hours -- I never change the station. I don't watch TV. I live in a retirement home which takes most of my income [but] I am willing to contribute more if the jazz remains.

--Ruth, Dayton

What a sad day

What a sad day it is for radio listeners to find out that all the wonderful music your station has broadcast over the years will be discontinued. As a listener of many years I regret that my loyalty to WMUB will be broken after August 3rd. It reminds me of the early 1980's when Dayton's own WHIO-FM dropped it soft music and switched to country music. It feels like I've just lost my best friend. Your excuse for listening to Mama Jazz and Jeff Fox overnight means I must be tethered to my computer and that’s just not an option, or rather a poor excuse of continuing your overnight music. In my opinion, we need more, not less of the "good" music from the past. I wish you well in your new endeavor.

--Dickie, Dayton

Thanks for being on the cutting edge

I'm sitting with my laptop in the kitchen of a house in the English countryside, outside Warwick, listening to my favorite news and information station on line. What a marvel the Internet is! 40 miles or 4000 -- it makes no difference.

Thanks for being on the cutting edge of broadcasting.

--Gail, via email

Thursday, August 07, 2008

No jazz, no way

I have lived many places and always had a reliable source of jazz until now. As you have become ver serious about news and talk, I must become "SIRIUS" about jazz.

P.S. I purchased an HD Radio, but your signal did not come in. Had to return it to retailer. There are other options.

--Mike, Centerville, OH

[We're sorry that Mike and other Dayton-area listeners will likely not be able to pick up WMUB's HD signal in the immediate future. Current FCC regulations do not allow enough HD power for that. There is a movement to revise the FCC guidelines, but we don't know whether or when this will happen. Listening online is an option. - Ed.]

Won't be listening now

Please take me off your mailing list. I don't listen to WMUB often, but now won't be listening. My favorite programs were Mama Jazz & I don't have an HD Radio.

Since I live close to Cincinnati, I have access to most of the NPR programs on WVXU.

Thank you and good luck.

--Bill, West Chester

People need music


--anonymous, Oxford

WMUB is of no use to me now

I only listened for the jazz. Without it WMUB is of no use to me. I can get news on WVXU. I'm sure there are others who feel the same.

--James, Liberty Township

We will terribly miss the jazz

Wow! We will terribly miss the evening and overnight jazz programs! When I first learned that WMUB would not be broadcasting jazz without WMUB2 listening capabilities I was a bit thrown -- but thought we would purchase an HD radio and move on.

Prior to choosing this route I went online to WMUB's site and saw that the current HD frequency will not reach Ripley County in Indiana initially. While the news programs are hugely stimulating, my husband and I looked forward to the shut-down the overnight jazz provided. I am a longtime jazz fan and love the great programming WMUB offers -- it's rare to find!

I understand that I can listen online -- but it's impractical with a desktop computer. Presently we're considering our donor level.

--Karen, Sunman, IN

How can I hear Mama Jazz in my car?

How can I hear Momma Jazz on my car radio? What FM station will she be on?

--anonymous, via email

[Program Director John Hingsbergen writes:

The Mama Jazz Show is no longer available on analog FM radio but is available to listeners who can receive our digital HD Radio signal. There are numerous models of car radios with HD Radio capability available from various manufacturers. The last I had heard, Wal-Mart was even offering a relatively inexpensive model.

I will caution you that WMUB's digital signal does not reach quite as far as our analog FM signal. Listeners in the Oxford area of Butler County as well as Preble County and some of the southwestern sections of the Dayton area as well as areas west of Oxford into Richmond, Indiana should get our HD signals in the car. Home listening is a greater challenge.

All of WMUB's programming is also now available for web streaming from your computer. There is more information about the options and our programming schedule at There are also links to information about HD Radio.]

I miss News and Notes

I miss News & Notes!!! This scheduling change is no where near as bad as when you took away that program. Please consider less repeats and more variety. Bring back Farai Chideya!

--Matt, Dayton

[We did not specifically choose to drop News & Notes. NPR changed the satellite feed time for the show to a time later in the day than our air time (at noon.) Since we did not want to change other programming, we had to choose a different program for the noon hour. Tell Me More takes a different approach, but is specifically designed to explore the African-American experience and Michel Martin is a strong host. - Ed.]

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A change I'm very pleased with

I wanted to let you know just how much I’m enjoying the new format. Because I work here at MU, I’ve oftentimes had to miss the Diane Rehm Show and others. Now I can sit on my screened-in porch and listen to my heart’s content. I always enjoyed Mama Jazz, but understand that it was time for a change. This is a change that I’m very pleased with. I hope that this works out well for the station. You have my day sponsorship guaranteed. Thanks for going forward with this and your hard work ... please let the others at the station know that their hard work is also appreciated.


--Carol Klumb, Oxford

Good-bye donations

I take it that there will be no more overnight jazz. Good bye donations. It's comforting to know that there will always be a handfull of people who know whats best for the herd.

--Mark, via email

Listens every night online from Michigan

Just to let you know how happy I am that [Mama Jazz] is still on [the HD2 stream]. I listen on line every night to her. I live in Michigan. Mama's selection of different artist is great. I have learned and enjoyed jazz more with Mama.

--Fred, MU '67, Michigan

Congratulations on the new direction

I for one am delighted that WMUB is adding more informational programming to the schedule. There's plenty of jazz available on Cincinnati area radio, but too little high-quality news programming. Television is not a good alternative for those interested in current events, unless you care about celebrities and superficial coverage on the national level, and fear-mongering locally.

Congratulations on the new direction.

--Steve Gottlieb, Connersville, IN

[Steve, an attorney in Connersville, is a former WVXU Morning Edition anchor]