Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Saddens me greatly

It saddens me greatly that WMUB's current broadcast lineup will be lost when WGUC takes over management. I listen to both stations, with a significant preference for the creative and local community orientation of WMUB.

The staff and management of WMUB deserve praise and appreciation for the unique and outstanding radio they consistently provided to the southwest Ohio region. The loss of WMUB will be a significant cultural, informational and community adhesive loss to southwest Ohio.

I wish all the outstanding radio personalities, who will be picking up the pieces of their careers to go elsewhere, to understand they have pure gold nuggets among those seeming shards. Our loss will be someone else's gain.

As one who could have done more, these words will not help, for I know I could not - alone - have done enough. But had I the resources . . . .

--Roger, via email


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