Friday, May 30, 2008

Signal drops out

Your FM signal has been dropping out off and on all afternoon.
(in the past I’ve noticed the signal dropping out quite often on your streaming jazz, also).
I had to switch over to WVXU because it got so irritating.

--Don in Milford

[We have been aware of the problem during the past couple of days and it pains us. It appears to be in the microwave that sends the signal to and from our studio and tower locations. We have a backup system that we may switch on if necessary. We are monitoring.
Regarding the web streaming: That’s another problem. We’re aware of and working on that as well. - Ed.]

Programming is too liberal

[WMUB's] programming has become too liberal . . . sorry!

--William in Fairborn, explaining why he declined to contribute in our Spring drive

Frustating not to be able to comment

I found it quite frustrating listening to Diane Rehm's show on gasoline prices. I wanted to make a comment and ask a question to her guests and waited and waited to hear what telephone number to call to do so ... only never to get it before the program ended. I'd like to make a suggestion that you give this number more times on your show, so that listeners like myself can participate more. I listened and listened to all the reasons why it was necessary for gasoline prices to be where they are ... from lack of production due to refineries, to the oil producers and all and why nothing really can be done to take this awful financial burden off the public ... but neither Diane or any listener commented or asked the question that if all this was true, why then is Exxon and all the other oil companies bringing in profits of $11 billion in a quarter???

--Michael Bonamassa

[The Diane Rehm Show is not produced here at WMUB but at WAMU in Washington, D.C. They decide the number of times they mention phone numbers and e-mail addresses for the show. It is very possible that, by the time the writer was interested in responding, they may have been near the end of the show and/or had a full bank of callers and e-mails. When that happens, shows frequently do not solicit additional calls or e-mails that will not get on the air. We will forward the message to Diane Rehm and her producers.

The number for Diane's show is 800-433-8850, or email drshow(at) Here's a link to the Diane Rehm Show web site. You'll find information about the show, including contact information there. - Ed.]

Friday, May 23, 2008

Reaction to Voth proves his point

Mr. Ciani's May 15 letter in response to a recent Ben Voth commentary did much to prove Mr. Voth's point. My sincere thanks to Mr. Ciani for providing such a vivid example of the vile, hate-filled attitudes Mr. Voth spoke about. God bless Ben Voth and God bless America.

--Fred, Springboro

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Be careful with your words

I would like to encourage your staff to be careful with your words when reporting. This morning on the local news there was a story of Cincinnati woman Cynthia Standifer who was given the minimum sentence for killing her son. At the end of the story, the reporter said something to the effect of how she had been an outstanding mother for 2 decades to her adopted son. Why is the word adopted necessary in this sentence? It has nothing to do with the story and it implies that he was less of her son? That she didn't really need to care for him since he wasn't "hers"? That her bond was less so she killed him? That she was some kind of saint for raising an adopted disabled child? All of those implications are inappropriate and irrelevant to this story.

As a parent of 2 adopted children, I strive to make them feel comfortable with their adopted status but also to NEVER feel less of my child. A adopted child is loved just the same as a biologically born child. Please stop making distinctions of that sort when it has NOTHING to do with the story.


--Laura Hinkley, Earlham College, Richmond

[The language we read was from an Associated Press story. It quoted the judge in the case, as follows:
“Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge David Davis said the killing was out of character for Cynthia Standifer, who is a nurse. He praised her for adopting a mentally disabled child and caring for him for two decades.” -- Ed.]

Friday, May 16, 2008

How great it is to be a member of WMUB

Just wanted to say how great it is to be a member of WMUB. While on a recent trip to Moscow, Russia to visit our eldest son, it was nice to be able to sit in his apartment at 5PM Moscow daylight time, with the Russian White House visible out his window and the Kremlin less than five miles away, and listen to a live broadcast of "The Help Desk", a show we try never to miss. WMUB is such a tremendous resource and offers so very much that we should all be thankful for the energy and imagination of all those who keep WMUB on the air.

No matter where we go in the world, as long as a computer is at hand we can stay connected with the Oxford/Miami Valley area. Again thanks for being there and always having a quality product. Best regards and many thanks.

--Firmin and Marie Hickey, Camden

[Ed.: Full disclosure -- Firmin and Marie are such fans of WMUB that they encouraged their son to apply for a student Board Operator position. Chris has been working with us since last summer].

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Voth commentary was hate-filled

The following is a comment on an exception to the the wide range of thoughtful ideas and opinions presented on WMUB in good taste.

Ben Voth’s lapel pin logic has been a never ending source of amusement. We know it will include a list of villains, villainous deeds, and questionable statistics wrapped in paranoia. All will be incorporated into the recurring theme of promoting America’s goodness or dismissing American’s critics and misdeeds by condemning others.

Trying to guess what ill conceived conclusion will be built upon a faulty premise before it‘s revealed has been the fun part. This week, however, Voth’s hate filled commentary against hate is offensive in its self-indulgence and is neither amusing nor insightful. The use of graphic gore is in unusually bad taste, even for Voth. I don't condone Rev. Wright's comments, but exploiting them to spew ones own brand of hatred is inexcusable.

It is the act, not who commits it, that is or is not abhorrent. Condemning opponents for the same or similar acts committed by allies only fuels the fire of same-thinking enemies.

Bumper-sticker patriotism masquerading as commentary is neither entertaining nor legitimate, and it is a disservice to legitimate conservative discourse. Ben Voth’s commentaries have become a liberal’s caricature of conservative thought and an embarrassment to the station. WMUB and its listeners would be better served if it solicited more thoughtful and insightful conservative commentary.

--Frank Ciani, Kettering

Monday, May 12, 2008

Feeling connnected in Dubai

I moved to Dubai in February to develop a Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education for Emerati students at the Sharjah Women's College. I continue listening to WMUB every day on my computer. I listen in the evening here, but the 8 hour time difference means I hear the morning line -up of talk shows, which is my favorite part of your programming. It helps me to feel connected to home and keep up with what is happening in the states.

May 10th [was] my Day Sponsor day as I will be missing my daughter Lea's graduation from Indiana University law school in Indianapolis and I wanted to congratulate her. However, I accepted this position and began preparations to move just after the fund drive and I don't remember if I sent in my card with the many things I had to take care of at that time. I will listen anyway, just in case!

Anyway, thanks, WMUB for helping me stay connected in this very faraway spot where there aren't very many Americans.

--Maureen Brustkern, Dubai

[Unfortunately, we didn't have Maureen's card prior to May 10th, but we will contact her about another day. -- Ed.]

Really missed NPR

I just got into the D.C. area after spend the winter in Florida. I have really missed the NPR as many of the southern states have only religious and country stations at that end of the dial. I was so glad when I first picked up NPR from a N.C. university. Morning Edition was music to my ears. Now I am looking forward to getting back to Oxford, and listening to my favorite local WMUB shows. I did hear the Mama Jazz theme song once. That made me homesick. I can get local NPR from American University which is the reason I am here in the area. My daughter is graduating her master's from there.

So thanks for all you do and soon I will be listening to you again.

--Linda Lehmkuhl

Grateful, but loves music

I am most grateful to have MUB in town - but must tell you that I am not a "talk radio" listener except for the not-to-be-missed Diane Rehm Show, and now and then Fresh Air. For me, it's music, both classical and otherwise.

By the way, I do not have a computer at home as I know I’d get hooked. FYI, many of the older set do not have internet access.

--Jack, Oxford

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Top of the list of reasons to stay

We are so lucky to have you serve our community. Your station and your web site give us great opportunities for dialog.

We are retired and our children want us to join them on the West Coast, but your station is at the top of our list of reasons not to leave Dayton.

Thank you.

--Gerald and Sally Meike, Dayton