Friday, May 16, 2008

How great it is to be a member of WMUB

Just wanted to say how great it is to be a member of WMUB. While on a recent trip to Moscow, Russia to visit our eldest son, it was nice to be able to sit in his apartment at 5PM Moscow daylight time, with the Russian White House visible out his window and the Kremlin less than five miles away, and listen to a live broadcast of "The Help Desk", a show we try never to miss. WMUB is such a tremendous resource and offers so very much that we should all be thankful for the energy and imagination of all those who keep WMUB on the air.

No matter where we go in the world, as long as a computer is at hand we can stay connected with the Oxford/Miami Valley area. Again thanks for being there and always having a quality product. Best regards and many thanks.

--Firmin and Marie Hickey, Camden

[Ed.: Full disclosure -- Firmin and Marie are such fans of WMUB that they encouraged their son to apply for a student Board Operator position. Chris has been working with us since last summer].


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