Monday, May 12, 2008

Feeling connnected in Dubai

I moved to Dubai in February to develop a Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education for Emerati students at the Sharjah Women's College. I continue listening to WMUB every day on my computer. I listen in the evening here, but the 8 hour time difference means I hear the morning line -up of talk shows, which is my favorite part of your programming. It helps me to feel connected to home and keep up with what is happening in the states.

May 10th [was] my Day Sponsor day as I will be missing my daughter Lea's graduation from Indiana University law school in Indianapolis and I wanted to congratulate her. However, I accepted this position and began preparations to move just after the fund drive and I don't remember if I sent in my card with the many things I had to take care of at that time. I will listen anyway, just in case!

Anyway, thanks, WMUB for helping me stay connected in this very faraway spot where there aren't very many Americans.

--Maureen Brustkern, Dubai

[Unfortunately, we didn't have Maureen's card prior to May 10th, but we will contact her about another day. -- Ed.]


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