Monday, April 07, 2008

Stream is behind the radio signal

I like to tune all my radios to WMUB while I'm cleaning so no matter where I go in my house I won't miss anything. My issue is that I use my computer to hear the station for one of my rooms, and the stream is always a couple minutes behind the radio. Is that just part of it, or can something be done to sync it with the FM radio signal?

Just wanted to let you know I became a new member of WMUB during this member drive. I decided that if I'm such a loyal listener that I'll listen to a week of pledge drive, that I need to become a loyal member also. I love all the local and national programs throughout the week and on the weekends.

Also, thank you to whatever members added an extra $50 to my pledge this morning.

--Melinda Kennedy

[Program Director John Hingsbergen replies:

Thanks so much for your financial support and welcome aboard as a new member!

Regarding the synchronization of the web signal with the radio, that is not possible due to the process of coding and decoding that happens when a signal is put on the Internet. From my experience the web signal is likely to be at least 30 seconds behind the radio. There’s really nothing you, or we, can do about that. That will vary based on a variety of factors such as speed of your connection and type of computer. I am sure technology will some day change to make such connections faster but they’ll probably never be in sync with the radio. Just too many variables involved.]


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