Thursday, March 06, 2008

We can't afford another snow day

[This is a response to a story on a recent Talk of the Nation. In a recent article for the Hartford Courant, English teacher Mark Dursin revealed the little-known snow superstition among his students: "the Pajamas-Inside-Out, Spoon-Under-the-Pillow-Snow-Day Ritual."]

Please advise children in the WMUB listening area to stop wearing their pajamas backwards. We can't afford another snow day. Growing up in the snow belt of Cleveland, we had a name for days when arctic winds whipped across the frozen lake bringing overnight snowfalls of over 6 inches. We called them "Wednesdays." Down here, when a little girl in Reily names her kitten Snowflake we have a 2-hour school delay. So children, please stop flushing the toilet at 8:00 PM, wearing your mittens to bed, and please put on your PJs the regular way. Your teachers miss you and you're making me sound like an old fuddy-duddy.

--Christopher Wolfe, Oxford


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