Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Objects to 'Wait, Wait'

I wrote the comment below to 91.7 and felt guilty that I had not first communicated my feelings first to you.

If you discontinued the program 'Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me', we would contribute $100.00! The main reason is the blatant homosexuality. I can handle our society but it is so forcefully laughed about. (Just listen to this Saturday’s show if you missed it. I am used to this life-style being laced though out my life, I am on the planet. But I will never say I enjoy it, or support it.) I will miss you so much, you really are the best and my husband and I have fallen in love with Oxford, Ohio and Miami University through you, because of you. We tell our friends that live in Oxford that they need to listen to you because of how professional you are. Plus the reception is so much better than 91.7 for us.

I really don’t know if it matters. Peace to you,

--name withheld by request

P.S.: What I wrote to 91.7: ‘Thank you soooo much for being a non-typical NPR station, by not playing 'Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me'. My husband and I have not been willing to support our favorite station 88.5 because of being disgusted with thinking our hard earned dollars would participate in that piece. It is a personal response for us but I believe that is what public radio is all about.’


At 12:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your homophobia is not WMUB's problem. Grow up!

At 5:13 PM, Blogger John Hingsbergen said...

WMUB Program Director John Hingsbergen here with a comment: I wrote back to this listener, letting her know that WVXU does carry "Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me," a fact that was confirmed by a WVXU representative.


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