Friday, March 07, 2008

HD radio doesn't help reception

Apparently Kettering is one of the places that is too far from [your transmitter], because after purchasing an HD Radio over the holidays and eagerly looking forward to having WMUB back at our weekday breakfast table--- no luck! The channel scanner slides right over 88.5 and gives us either 88.1 or 88.9. I can usually get the (analog) signal in my car, although with significant breakthrough, especially at certain spots. This means that for the 8 minutes of my commute each morning and afternoon, or if I happen to run to the store or up to UD for some reason, I can enjoy your station. But it's getting harder to justify paying for a day sponsorship at a station that we just can't listen to anywhere in the house. If there's a fix, we'd be glad to try it. Otherwise we'll need to think about giving our membership money to a station we can receive.

--Lin in Kettering

[We applaud Lin for trying. It’s true that the current HD technology limits that signal to a smaller area than our analog FM signal. That may change in the future depending on the FCC’s technology rules, but for now adding an external antenna may help listeners like Lin. -- Ed.]


At 5:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

HD/IBOC is jamming smaller broadcasters off the dial with adjacent-channel interference, but that is the plan:


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