Thursday, May 15, 2008

Voth commentary was hate-filled

The following is a comment on an exception to the the wide range of thoughtful ideas and opinions presented on WMUB in good taste.

Ben Voth’s lapel pin logic has been a never ending source of amusement. We know it will include a list of villains, villainous deeds, and questionable statistics wrapped in paranoia. All will be incorporated into the recurring theme of promoting America’s goodness or dismissing American’s critics and misdeeds by condemning others.

Trying to guess what ill conceived conclusion will be built upon a faulty premise before it‘s revealed has been the fun part. This week, however, Voth’s hate filled commentary against hate is offensive in its self-indulgence and is neither amusing nor insightful. The use of graphic gore is in unusually bad taste, even for Voth. I don't condone Rev. Wright's comments, but exploiting them to spew ones own brand of hatred is inexcusable.

It is the act, not who commits it, that is or is not abhorrent. Condemning opponents for the same or similar acts committed by allies only fuels the fire of same-thinking enemies.

Bumper-sticker patriotism masquerading as commentary is neither entertaining nor legitimate, and it is a disservice to legitimate conservative discourse. Ben Voth’s commentaries have become a liberal’s caricature of conservative thought and an embarrassment to the station. WMUB and its listeners would be better served if it solicited more thoughtful and insightful conservative commentary.

--Frank Ciani, Kettering


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