Friday, November 28, 2008

Interview of Bill Ayers was offensive

I think the interview of Bill Ayers by Terri Gross was offensive. He is a terrorist and all of her leftist spin can not change what he did no matter how long ago it has been. Is there no limit to the depth to which you will not stoop.
“I believe you are unworthy of any respect in your programing choices.

--Doug, West Manchester

[Ed.: Since this is a national show, we’ll pass the comments along with a similar one to the producers of Fresh Air.]

Friday, November 14, 2008

Disappointed in HD Radio coverage

I recently purchased an HD radio to hear the other WMUB channels. What a disappointment. The antenna situation appears to be so critical to reception that I get intermittent signals, and as I walk around the room, it changes from good reception to miserable reception. At a minimum, it seems to me that WMUB should inform its listeners about this quirk of HD radio, and advise them to purchase a better antenna than comes with the radio. NPR does acknowledge this widespread problem. I don't have the antenna yet, but hope it will correct the problem..

--Gene Willeke, Oxford

[Program Director John Hingsbergen: “We have mentioned this a few times in our Free Advice shows about consumer electronics. We have also had this information on our website for some time:… WMUB's HD Radio signal, including The Jazz Channel does not reach every listener who can hear our old-fashioned analog signal. Digital signals are either there or not there....with no static or fade. In certain areas you may need access to an outside antenna. We encourage you to try a "demo" in the electronics store where you buy your radio."]

Friday, November 07, 2008

Listening to WMUB coverage from Madrid

Just wanted to let you know that I am in Madrid right now, and I have all of the Americans in the hostel listening to election coverage from WMUB. It's nearly 2 am here and we are all glued to the internet stream!

--Jason Klein, Miami '10

Can't unsubscribe

I’ve tried several times to unsubscribe from WMUB emails using the “unsubscribe” link, and apparently that function isn’t working. Can someone please remove me from the list?

--Joyce, via email

[Some emailings are so large that they are outsourced to a 3rd party. When we checked their records of your name they did not show a request to remove on file. We have flagged your two addresses in our local file and will let our vendor know that you have requested removal and received confirmation. We will of course abide by our listeners’ wishes.]

Coverage of Talawanda Bond Issue

[Following the November elections:]

Arguably the most important local issue for the citizens of Oxford and the surrounding area in this past election has been Issue 16, the School Bond Issue. Yet, for the past two days I have heard virtually no coverage of this critically important issue. While I understand that you may be hesitant to report on an issue that has not been officially decided, I am sure many of the listeners to WMUB would like to have at least an update on the status of the vote. It is this inability of WMUB to fully cover local issues of interest that drives listeners to other local NPR stations.

--Jeff, Oxford