Friday, October 31, 2008

What are we listening to?

I am confused by the HD-2 commercials:

…. the on the hour commercials that say "I cannot hear HD unless I have an HD radio device."

I am confused, because I am listening to it on my computer and thinking I am listening to HD radio. But then, since it is never stated in the commercial that I could listen to HD radio on my computer, at home, at the office, when traveling and have 3G or WIFI etc access, using my computer, I assume I am NOT listening to HD radio but just the average old stream. ??

Am I listening to HD radio on my computer even tho it is inferred that I am not?

Am I listening to HD radio when I use my iPhone 3G using "" and listening either on (via) a WIFI or 3G to one of Tuner's 500 pre- tuned stations, plus the ones that are iTunes capable that I add to the mix?

Do I really need a separate stand alone HD piece of hardware, another device, to listen to HD radio to hear more than I'm hearing with a computer device instead of an HD radio receiver device? I always have my computer with me, and generally always plugged into the Internet, but I'm not about to lug a desktop radio along for the ride.

--Jerry in Phoenix, Arizona

[Program Director John Hingsbergen: "Jerry in Phoenix, and other listeners, are listening to a web stream of an HD Radio station. His comments, perhaps tongue-in-cheek, are on the mark that the way we access “radio programming” is changing. We at WMUB encourage our listeners to tune in, whatever way you can."]

What is the deal with plumbs?

Really? A commentary about plumbs? I'm amazed at how much life imitates art. It reminded me of the Saturday Night Live skit that mocks NPR with two women sipping tea and talking about food. Mary Jo's Kitchen, plumbs, and the national reports on cooking just make me laugh. WMUB is getting really upper-crust.

--Matt, Dayton

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bring back music and I will renew

Bring music back and I will renew.

We have plenty of sources for news-online, print, other npr stations in our area and don't tell me to go online or listen with digital radio.

I have a plain old fm radio in my car and I liked listening to music and not news on my way to and from work.

--Marty Ankenbauer, Hamilton

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Objects to "churchy" term

[The WMUB Forum discussion on 10/10/08 was about the upcoming ballot issue on legalizing a casino. One of the reporters on the panel referred to some of the opponents of the issue as “churchy”. We read a listener email during the show objecting to this choice of words. Afterwards we received a message from Richard Eslinger, Dean of the United Theological Seminary in Trotwood. Dean Eslinger wrote:]

I, too, wish to express my displeasure at the "churchy" comment... The reference in context seemed to connote "pious" and "moralistic" when, in fact, the issue of casino gambling brings with it multiple social pathologies that persons of faith do address. I am aware that it was one of your guests who employed the condescending term, but I am more disappointed that your interviewer did not correct its use or ask a follow-up question that probed the religious community's opposition to the referendum.

[Program Director John Hingsbergen, who was the fill-in host that day, wrote: “As one who has spent a large part of my life producing programming about spirituality and related matters, I failed to recognize any negative connotations in Ms. Bischoff’s comment. I am sorry I did not pursue the matter to a greater extent but I was assuming that Laura meant no harm or offense. I know her to be a knowledgeable, thoughtful and thorough reporter and felt that I understood what she was saying, namely that some of the opponents of the proposed casino were doing so as a result of their religious convictions.”

Dean Eslinger wrote back:]

Thank you for your thoughtful and considerate response. I deeply appreciate the care you have taken in dealing with this concern I raised. (And, yes, I do listen to your Monday morning segment on religion and spirituality whenever possible).

--Richard Eslinger, Dean, United Theological Seminary, Trotwood

Thought on the recent changes

[I] understand why you changed to all talk format as the National Public Radio research says that is what we all want. Actually I get all the talk I want from cable, AM Radio and other sources. [I] Do not mind talk through the day, just at night I liked the music. Would have preferred the BBC to be on second or third channel (which it is now) and have you play jazz say from 9 PM to 5 AM.

While I am at it, I liked Bob Edwards in the morning, especially with his many "personalities" such as Red Barber, John Chardi (sp), Frank DeFord and others. Occassionally I'd be late for work just to hear their 10 minutes or so. Gotta give the people what they want though.

I hear Mama Jazz …on HD thanks to [the] internet. HD will not be successful until it is on all the car radios and when it is affordable on Stereo Receivers but then I am behind the times. Guess I need to buy an IPOD or MP3, go to internet sites and download my tunes. Yes, I will keep supporting WMUB, it is afterall a connection to what's out there.

Oh, one more thing, since we have multiple NPR stations in the area with WGUC, WVXU, Northern Kentucky, Yellow Springs etc. Can WMUB structure itself to be different than the rest yet still attract the support dollars it needs? Just a thought.

--Gary, via email