Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thought on the recent changes

[I] understand why you changed to all talk format as the National Public Radio research says that is what we all want. Actually I get all the talk I want from cable, AM Radio and other sources. [I] Do not mind talk through the day, just at night I liked the music. Would have preferred the BBC to be on second or third channel (which it is now) and have you play jazz say from 9 PM to 5 AM.

While I am at it, I liked Bob Edwards in the morning, especially with his many "personalities" such as Red Barber, John Chardi (sp), Frank DeFord and others. Occassionally I'd be late for work just to hear their 10 minutes or so. Gotta give the people what they want though.

I hear Mama Jazz …on HD thanks to [the] internet. HD will not be successful until it is on all the car radios and when it is affordable on Stereo Receivers but then I am behind the times. Guess I need to buy an IPOD or MP3, go to internet sites and download my tunes. Yes, I will keep supporting WMUB, it is afterall a connection to what's out there.

Oh, one more thing, since we have multiple NPR stations in the area with WGUC, WVXU, Northern Kentucky, Yellow Springs etc. Can WMUB structure itself to be different than the rest yet still attract the support dollars it needs? Just a thought.

--Gary, via email


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