Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Accolades for a job well done

We received our HD Radio several weeks ago, and after several days delay in getting it out of the box, we plugged it in and we cannot believe the CD quality sound. Our only problem is deciding which channel to tune, the BBC stream is great and they had many good comments during the Democratic National Convention. The jazz channel is good in that it just seems to take the edge off of a busy day, and of course the day cannot end with out a bit of Mama Jazz. The main channel is of course now even better with the tremendous audio quality. Thought I should add my accolades to you for a job well done, in giving us three stations that are each distinct and interesting out of one great offering. Cheers to all.

PS - Good luck on the fall funder, sorry we will be gone and cannot offer to help.

--names withheld, Camden


At 8:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What goes around....

Here in Washington, DC, WETA (NPR 90.9 FM) went to an all news and talk format, and found the demand for classical music so great and the fall-off in pledges large enough that they switched back to it's music format. Here's hoping WMUB will see the light and move beyond a committee-driven report guiding it's programming and instead focus on next-gen ways to build an audience.


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