Monday, August 25, 2008

All NPR stations need a schedule like this

I recently moved from central Pennsylvania, WPSU territory, and there and elsewhere I have always been annoyed by the scarcity of news and talk content (i.e. actual news) in favor of classical music or jazz; whenever that music would come on, I started turning the dial for something better, and I usually ended up settling on the vastly inferior offerings of AM talk-radio. I mean, sure it's okay for that kind of music to be on the radio, but radio has too many music stations anyway. Also, whenever I drive to a new area the first thing I listen for is the NPR station (I am glad that in NW Cincinnati I can find at least 2), and if I'm not hearing news on that station I'll probably skip over it unintentionally; back when I moved to State College, PA, I didn't find WPSU for months, and a guy I knew who had lived there for years still wasn't aware that his area had an NPR station at all!

--James Edward Lewis, Cincinnati


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