Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I did not get to vote on this

I am writing you today to inform you that I can no longer support your radio station. The reason being that someone there made a command decision to take off some of the programs that I enjoy- Mama Jazz and Overnight Jazz. I understand that Mama has not been well lately and I can see taking the show off for a while. But I can't see taking off Overnight Jazz.

If I understand correctly, both of these shows are now on your HD station. That's great, but...I don't have an HD receiver, nor do I feel that I should have to go buy one just in order to the the programs I like. Besides, I don't know if your HD signal can be picked up here in Brookville, OH. If not and I purchased an HD receiver, it would be for naught.

I realize that even though you are a public station and a non-profit, you still have to run the station as a business. I hope you polled ALL of the members before you switched programing. If you did, I DID NOT GET TO VOTE ON THIS ONE.

In the past I have always sent you on average $20.00 each year. I realize that amount is not going to make or break you. But if 1,000 people gave you $20.00 per year and decide to no longer support you, you're down $20,000 per year. That's quite a chunk of money.

When you get rid of the Diane Rehm Show, Talk of the Nation and BBC World Service on your overnight broadcast and replace it with Overnight Jazz, I'll be back. If I want to listen to "talk radio" I'll listen to WHIO-AM or someother AM station.

--David, Brookville, OH


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