Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I already miss Mama Jazz

I just wanted to write and express my opinion on the recent overnight programming change. I get off work every night at midnight, and I already miss hearing Mama Jazz's distinct voice and great music selection. I am 24 years old and started listening to her show in high school as a joke. One friend and I were in a rock band at the time, and we would always blast classical music when driving other friends around just to see how they would react. One night while trying to find some classical, we discovered Mama Jazz by accident and started tuning in to her show as the reaction music. But the jazz grew on us rather quickly, and we have both been fans ever since.

I understand the reason behind making the station a full-time news resource, but there is already a variety of news media available almost everywhere you turn. The new change also really kills the unique character of WMUB.

Hopefully one day you'll bring Mama back to 88.5. It seems like sending a show to HD radio is the beginning of the end, because who actually tunes into that? I don't know ANYONE who has ever even listened to a single HD broadcast. Anyhow, I hope Mama knows her show is missed.

--John, via email


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