Thursday, August 07, 2008

How can I hear Mama Jazz in my car?

How can I hear Momma Jazz on my car radio? What FM station will she be on?

--anonymous, via email

[Program Director John Hingsbergen writes:

The Mama Jazz Show is no longer available on analog FM radio but is available to listeners who can receive our digital HD Radio signal. There are numerous models of car radios with HD Radio capability available from various manufacturers. The last I had heard, Wal-Mart was even offering a relatively inexpensive model.

I will caution you that WMUB's digital signal does not reach quite as far as our analog FM signal. Listeners in the Oxford area of Butler County as well as Preble County and some of the southwestern sections of the Dayton area as well as areas west of Oxford into Richmond, Indiana should get our HD signals in the car. Home listening is a greater challenge.

All of WMUB's programming is also now available for web streaming from your computer. There is more information about the options and our programming schedule at There are also links to information about HD Radio.]


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