Thursday, July 31, 2008

Reaction is not positive

My comments are not very positive, sorry. I am a jazz lover, a Mama Jazz fan, and I really don't find the BBC any more interesting than CNN or MNBC, both of which rarely have a serious critical analysis of important global issues. I would rather hear reruns of Leherer and would prefer Democracy Now. You are a key player in this area, and hope you will listen to your supporters' comments. A mix from good reporting from some of the outstanding sources in Latin America would fill an important gap in U.S. news coverage, not another European centered news source such as BBC. But most of all, this area is starved for good jazz or classical.

--Howard Lamson, Earlham College

Followup message: I guess so many of us are so tired of the superficial political debate going on since the beginning of the primaries, that we yearn for serious analysis of the issues beyond the parameters of the current date. BBC rarely attempts to go to the heart of issues.

I am so sorry about Mama Jazz' health.


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