Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Why are you copying WVXU?

I listen to your station quite often. I also hear WVXU when I'm out of your range. Your recent programming announcement sounds to me like you are copying VXU. Why? I don't understand why reruns are considered a better choice than jazz.

Mama Jazz is a treasure. I know she's nearing retirement and maybe this is a way to ease her into that role. But, why in the world waste an FM signal on more talk while moving music to the horrible fidelity that is most computer speakers.

I like Diane R, and I like TofN, but, as you know, Mama Jazz is a huge part of the WMUB identity. Why not repeat Fresh Air? At least Terri doesn't take phone calls which always bring the shows to a screeching halt.
"Hello, Charleston, you're on the air...Charleston"
"Hello, you're on the air."
"Hello, oh hi, hold on let me let out the cat first......................."
"It's 16 past the hour and you're listening to the Diane Rheem Show."
"Yes go ahead"
"Can you hear me?"
"Yes, go ahead"
"Oh hi Diane"
I will miss Mama Jazz and to a lesser extent, overnight Jazz. Are you doing this to keep from paying rights fees or because you are non-profit you don't pay fees?

One more suggestion, increase your Miami U sports coverage. My guess it MU will not be on 96.5 fm this year and will need a But Co outlet. WMOH has no coverage, especially in the evening.

Thanks, keep up the good work.

--SB, Millville


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