Monday, July 21, 2008

Applauds the changes

[from WMUB Forum's 'Ask the General Manager' show Friday 7/18/08]

I applaud the changes. Anytime the public has available more information on current events at a convenient time it is beneficial to the public good.

Question: Is this new programming exclusive to WMUB or did it also happen currently with other NPR stations?

I think it would also be good for the station to have regularly scheduled broadcasts of how our local congress people have voted on current issues. I think this is particularly important in light of the many failures and budget and national deficits of the federal government.

--Mort Meier, Hamilton

[There are other stations that repeat Diane Rehm (e.g., WAMU, which produces the show). But the decision and the scheduling are WMUB's own. - Ed.]


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