Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wanted BBC for the longest time

Hello to Mr. Callison and the good folks at WMUB,

My dad sent me an email about the changes in the WMUB lineup and I was ecstatic. I'm away at college and far from the WMUB listening area, but I still listen online whenever I can. I have wanted for the longest time for WMUB to have the BBC World Service on at night. Listening to other area stations that do have this was really great at night, especially when I was doing homework, if I couldn't sleep or if I was driving for quite a distance. I am so happy also that the Diane Rehm show has an encore at 8pm and that Talk of the Nation is repeated at midnight. Fantastic!

Mama Jazz has been a familiar voice to me since my toddler years, and it's sad to see her off the main channel, but since there haven't been any new programs produced in a few years, I don't think we listeners are really being slighted.

I am so glad my parents support WMUB through their membership and that the station's approach to programming is forward-looking. Cheers and keep up the good work.

--Allison Dierks, Hagerstown, IN


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