Tuesday, July 22, 2008

How about "Day to Day" instead?

How about doing a replay of NPR's "Day to Day' instead of all the Rehm shows? The second hour is almost always a throw-away & hard to listen to? In other words worthless, except on Friday, that's good at least when the professional guests look at the headlines of the news for the week.

I think you would get a much better rating, but don't run it instead of any of the BBC you propose.

--Eric, Greenville, OH

[Program Director John Hingsbergen writes:

Thanks for the comment. Regarding the use of “Day to Day,” in the evening, that is not an option for us for a couple of reasons: 1) We do not air it during the day so we would need to become paying subscribers to the show in order to run a repeat; 2) Since it is a midday news magazine, it must be run “live.” The “feeds” of the show end at 5:00 p.m. and no recorded repeats are allowed.

We are grateful for your suggestion and will continue to consider “Day to Day” for addition at some time in the future even though an evening re-play is not possible.]


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