Monday, July 28, 2008

You're about the same as WVXU

Golly, congratulations, now you’re just about the same as WVXU.

Why do you want to lose listeners who previously heard Diane in the morning and, much as we enjoy her, really don’t need an encore later that day?

Speaking for myself, I’ll probably be listening to WMUB two or three hours less a day. That’s not even counting the many evenings I’ve enjoyed Mama Jazz for an hour or two (or three). Is she retiring?

How about overnight jazz? We always turn in listening to Tony Mowod (Yuck) and better yet, the weekend guys. Can’t remember their name(s), (Studebaker???) They played much better jazz than Tony M. Are they gone, too? If this a money-saving move, it doesn’t seem to be very well thought out. Save a few bucks, lose a few (or more) listeners.

Whatever. Good luck.

--W.H., via email

P.S. (later message):

I’m afraid after all these years I’m stuck of WMUB.

The BBC sounds good to me. Since it seems that NPR and PBS are leaning rather drastically to the right (or wrong).

While I never attended Miami ( I’m an IU graduate), I played with the Campus Owls for 6 or 7 years after graduating from IU in ‘50. Jazz Trumpet and Flugelhorn. Hence my love and appreciation of jazz.

I’m sue I could think of some things to complain about – if I tried. But, in the main, (and in the past), I’ve always been pleased with your programming, and I’m sure (reasonably) that I shall be in the future.

Good Luck with your new direction.



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