Thursday, July 24, 2008

This dismays me

Every night, I listen to WMUB's Jazz programs, from Mama Jazz on throughout the night, and from midnight til 5 a.m. However, due to your new programming plans to repeat the Diane Rehm show at midnight, my favorite nighttime entertainment is going to be interrupted. This dismays me, and I hope you will reconsider.

During weekday mornings from 10 a.m. to 12 noon, I do enjoy listening to her interview program. However, your new scheduling will not please me; even if I miss her daily show, I will not look forward to hearing an interview talk show during late night hours.....I want to listen to relaxing jazz music ! Perhaps you could repeat her show during early evening hours, when most people who wish to hear it, will be awake to do so!

Please reconsider this decision.....let the nighttime Jazz hours remain as they are, for relaxing and good listening. To my knowledge, there is no other NPR station which plays jazz at night.

Thank you for this opportunity to let you know how a constant, and faithful listener feels.

P.S.: Please know I won't be a constant listener in the future. My financial support has been mainly in return for the enjoyment I have gained by listening to nighttime jazz programs of the past five or six years. As I am now in search of another listening source for nighttime hours, I am sorry your proposed new programming does not fulfill my search of relaxation methods. An interview talk show is supposed to be stimulating, not fodder for nighttime rest periods.

I suggest you canvas other regular WMUB listeners for their input; what demographics are in play, how have you determined that Jazz programs are not popular with your NPR listeners? As matter of fact, I do prefer the jazz music played on WNCU, Raleigh, NC, but I can listen to it only thru the Internet, not 'live' radio. When I visit the southern tier area of New York state, there are multiple jazz programs offered only at night, I enjoy those stations when I am there.

--Dianne Short, via email


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