Friday, June 27, 2008

Thanks for Help Desk

I wanted to tell you THANKS for something you've repeated so often that it came to me and cut a big load of panic down to size as my computer suddenly started having problems.

I'd downloaded a couple of freeware programs this week -- one from Firefox/Thunderbird (Folder Account Software) and the other called "Karen's Directory Printer." Both seemed to have been recommended by reputable sources (Mozilla for the first, PCWorld article for the second). Today I restarted my computer for the first time in several days, and got a "black screen of death." Yikes!

But, your voices came to me from the many times you'd repeated it -- "Have you started in Safe Mode?" "Press F8 repeatedly." And I did that, found a "Restore Point" from before I'd downloaded the freeware, and restarted my computer.

All is now seemingly well, and I'm sending you an extra contribution (I do my regular one in the Fall campaign). After all, without your help, I'd have had to pay someone (or deal with Dell's inefficient and often ineffective support people).

Thanks for being there, even on a Thursday!

--Liz, Savannah, GA (listens via podcast)

Monday, June 09, 2008

Problems with HD signal

[Editor's note: The severe storms in Oxford the evening of June 4th, 2008 caused problems for our HD signal. Apparently computers don’t like all that extra voltage flying around! The good news is that all systems continued to function on Wednesday the 5th during Round Two.]

I am sure that you are aware that your HD signal is back to being intermittent. I was aware of it during the weekend [of May 30-June 1] and now it is off. I am so sorry to see this problem again. I know it is anguishing to you. Good Luck in solving.

--Don, Dayton