Monday, July 30, 2007

WMUB is a special place

As a graduate of Miami's communications department, I have been made aware of the possibility of the station losing it's funding in order to promote other endeavors.

During a recent visit to the station with over 30 friends that were made in that building 36 years ago, I was reminded how things were in the early 1970's, and of all the wonderful careers that started there. I remembered all of the contributions made by the graduates of the program.

WMUB is a special place where, if given the funding and the chance, students could learn about broadcasting and join the hundreds of alumni that have contributed in monumental ways to the entertainment field. Just in the class from which I graduated, there is a radio station owner, executives of various advertising agencies, technical people, an extremely successful advertising agency owner, world class sports announcers and newsmen and women, and business executives, all of whom have contributed on a national level, and have won national awards for excellence and creativity in their fields.

Miami University did a disservice to the students and to the community by letting WMUB-TV go. On the air experience, both radio and television, is what made the graduates of this program great. Students were given the opportunity, with the guidance of brilliant professors, to make decisions, create programs, expand their own horizons by actually going on the air, and thus were able to make mistakes, learn from them, and triumph at the end of the day. No other department on campus has afforded students this unique experience. No other university, including UCLA or USC, allowed students this experience. Per capita, no other department has garnered the loyalty or generated the successes of the WMUB/WMUB-TV experience.

Your suggestion to somehow cut back or terminate this program is short sighted, destructive to the university mission, and just plain wrong. WMUB taught me confidence, loyalty, business,broadcasting skills, and all of the best about how to succeed in life. While breaking into the business in Hollywood, my Miami education was widely known, highly regarded, and unmatched by any program in the country. This program is the epitome of what a university should teach. It should be expanded, duplicated, and nurtured. it shouldn't be smothered.

Please don't blow it now.

--Joseph F. Rosenfield '71, Los Angeles

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Enjoys station and streaming

I'm a new listener to WMUB.  I travel a lot by car, and heard Mama Jazz at night, but I couldn't get the show from my home here in Northern Kentucky.  Just wanted to let you know, that using streaming over internet, I listen to WMUB frequently.  I enjoy Mama Jazz very much as I am a long, long time jazz lover.  Then I found your 24 hour jazz stream, and I've got to tell you it is fantastic.  Whoever is putting together the play lists must be reading my mind.  Absolutely marvelous.  

So, I enjoy the station, and I enjoy streaming both channels.  And I will be financially supporting WMUB.

--Barrett Morris, Jr., Union, Kentucky

Thursday, July 19, 2007

No station compares

I’m still nearly rabid over the value Miami University should place on WMUB. I drove to Toronto over a long weekend and became acutely aware that between here and there, I could find no radio station that even remotely compared to WMUB’s quality. CBC Radio was interesting because it was different, but it could not be compared to NPR and/or WMUB in terms of quality or content. Northern Ohio is a wasteland where public radio is concerned.  There seemed to be nothing worthwhile.
Peter Williams’ commentary yesterday spoke to my beliefs. Miami University has something (besides football) that it can really be proud of and capitalize on to set it apart from other Ohio, and regional, universities. Under your guidance, the station has grown and diversified in so many positive ways while retaining its appeal to the surrounding area. What an opportunity to shine a light on the university and what I presume it stands for – intelligent thinking and reasoning. WMUB is “out there,” a vehicle by which the university can be known and enhanced. It deserves support in every way.
--Gail A. Moeller, Centerville/Dayton

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Greatly appreciated

I'm just writing to say how much I love the program line-up over at WMUB - I've only been a listener for the past couple of months, but what a couple of months they've been!!! I've learned so much and the topics covered are quite thought provoking. Issues covering PTSS - post traumatic stress syndrome; first hand accounts of war attrocities happening in REAL TIME; numerous interviews both archived and up-to-date of writers, photographers, poets, artists of any trade & many many more topics too numerous to list - all I can say is THANK YOU. You're work is greatly appreciated and I'm looking forward to hearing many more great things to come from your station. Don't change a thing!!!
--Toni Caldwell, Enon, OH

Monday, July 16, 2007

The voice and face of Miami

I have lived ion Oxford for 40 years. I have traveled throughout the United States for all of those 40 years. In all my travels I have not encountered a Public Radio Station with the depth and breadth in its programming found on WMUB.  Why should WMUB continue to receive substantial funding from Miami University? There are several important reasons:

  1) WMUB is the voice and face to Miami University for an area covering a 100 mile radius from Oxford. Much of the listening audience knows of Miami University from no other source. With the advent of the internet the reach of Miami University via WMUB has become even wider and indeed international. No institution can afford to buy the publicity that its Public Radio Station gains through its broadcasting and programs.

  2) WMUB provides an educational and training experience for many Miami students who go on to pursue careers in broadcasting via radio and television as well as the new forms of electronic media. In a real sense WMUB is to the Broadcasting student what the research laboratory is to the science student here at Miami University. It allows the student to get a hands on experience and in affect get an apprenticeship. And

  3) There is no other really effective way that the Oxford Community is informed about those issues important to the University community. Pieces broadcast by local professors and community members serve to inform and answer important issues for the area. Our lives are significantly enriched by hearing Peter Williams. Alan Winkler, Karen Dawisha, Jack Keegan, Jim Michael, many area doctors and health care providers, and so many others. Reducing funding to WMUB would be extremely short sighted and in effect starve the patient to death.

--W. Hardy Eshbaugh, Emeritus Professor of Botany, Miami

Life is richer

I listen to WMUB almost every day. Since I don't read the paper and I don't listen to local news, it is my main source for national and world news. I adore the [Story Corp] stories! My husband and I often spend our Saturday evenings listening to Garrison Keillor. I've learned more on WMUB in the last 3 years than I did in three years of high school.

My mind is expanded and my life richer due to WMUB. My gratitude to all their employees.  Please keep WMUB up and running!!!!

--Lynda Routley, Kettering

Monday, July 09, 2007

Catastrophe to lose WMUB

I have no connection with MU but have been a daily listener ( and a contributor) to WMUB for years too numerous to count. It would be a catastrophe to lose this station with such a wonderful variety of programs that educate, challenge, entertain, you name it. Without public radio ( and public television, as we choose not to have cable), we would be lost. I hope Miami U. can work out a mission that will keep the station alive.

--Eileen Rehg, Dayton