Thursday, July 19, 2007

No station compares

I’m still nearly rabid over the value Miami University should place on WMUB. I drove to Toronto over a long weekend and became acutely aware that between here and there, I could find no radio station that even remotely compared to WMUB’s quality. CBC Radio was interesting because it was different, but it could not be compared to NPR and/or WMUB in terms of quality or content. Northern Ohio is a wasteland where public radio is concerned.  There seemed to be nothing worthwhile.
Peter Williams’ commentary yesterday spoke to my beliefs. Miami University has something (besides football) that it can really be proud of and capitalize on to set it apart from other Ohio, and regional, universities. Under your guidance, the station has grown and diversified in so many positive ways while retaining its appeal to the surrounding area. What an opportunity to shine a light on the university and what I presume it stands for – intelligent thinking and reasoning. WMUB is “out there,” a vehicle by which the university can be known and enhanced. It deserves support in every way.
--Gail A. Moeller, Centerville/Dayton


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