Monday, July 16, 2007

The voice and face of Miami

I have lived ion Oxford for 40 years. I have traveled throughout the United States for all of those 40 years. In all my travels I have not encountered a Public Radio Station with the depth and breadth in its programming found on WMUB.  Why should WMUB continue to receive substantial funding from Miami University? There are several important reasons:

  1) WMUB is the voice and face to Miami University for an area covering a 100 mile radius from Oxford. Much of the listening audience knows of Miami University from no other source. With the advent of the internet the reach of Miami University via WMUB has become even wider and indeed international. No institution can afford to buy the publicity that its Public Radio Station gains through its broadcasting and programs.

  2) WMUB provides an educational and training experience for many Miami students who go on to pursue careers in broadcasting via radio and television as well as the new forms of electronic media. In a real sense WMUB is to the Broadcasting student what the research laboratory is to the science student here at Miami University. It allows the student to get a hands on experience and in affect get an apprenticeship. And

  3) There is no other really effective way that the Oxford Community is informed about those issues important to the University community. Pieces broadcast by local professors and community members serve to inform and answer important issues for the area. Our lives are significantly enriched by hearing Peter Williams. Alan Winkler, Karen Dawisha, Jack Keegan, Jim Michael, many area doctors and health care providers, and so many others. Reducing funding to WMUB would be extremely short sighted and in effect starve the patient to death.

--W. Hardy Eshbaugh, Emeritus Professor of Botany, Miami


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