Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The most positive public relations process for MU is WMUB

The most positive public relations process that M. U.  has going for it, and the only one to whom many of us pay attention, is its voice to the public, WMUB!

From news to entertainment, from the Diane Rehm Show, to M. U.  Sports, add programing of world interests, authors, doctors, politicians, creators of news, recipients of the effects of local, state, national and world news, the moves and moods of common folk and the spotlighted ones, WMUB programing is the most effective education that Miami University can provide out side of the classroom.

One day on the air influences more individuals than all of the concerts, athletic games, and lectures that the university supports in a month ... more? Likely more. The contact is positive. educational and fulfilling.

I would have no contact with Miami U. if it were not for WMUB. The same is true for many listeners. If WMUB is substantially altered in programing and focus I will have no contact!

--William Howell, Dayton