Friday, November 28, 2008

Interview of Bill Ayers was offensive

I think the interview of Bill Ayers by Terri Gross was offensive. He is a terrorist and all of her leftist spin can not change what he did no matter how long ago it has been. Is there no limit to the depth to which you will not stoop.
“I believe you are unworthy of any respect in your programing choices.

--Doug, West Manchester

[Ed.: Since this is a national show, we’ll pass the comments along with a similar one to the producers of Fresh Air.]


At 10:21 AM, Blogger Eric from Okeana said...

I enjoyed the interview Terry Gross conducted with Bill Ayers. Bill Ayers was part of the resistance in the USA to the Vietnam War. This war was a horrible stain on US history and resulted in the deaths of at least 3 million Vietnamese and thousands of US soldiers. During this time Bill Ayers and his colleagues worked to end this war, but not everything they did was a good idea but they never killed anyone. We cannot say the same thing about the US government.


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