Friday, May 30, 2008

Frustating not to be able to comment

I found it quite frustrating listening to Diane Rehm's show on gasoline prices. I wanted to make a comment and ask a question to her guests and waited and waited to hear what telephone number to call to do so ... only never to get it before the program ended. I'd like to make a suggestion that you give this number more times on your show, so that listeners like myself can participate more. I listened and listened to all the reasons why it was necessary for gasoline prices to be where they are ... from lack of production due to refineries, to the oil producers and all and why nothing really can be done to take this awful financial burden off the public ... but neither Diane or any listener commented or asked the question that if all this was true, why then is Exxon and all the other oil companies bringing in profits of $11 billion in a quarter???

--Michael Bonamassa

[The Diane Rehm Show is not produced here at WMUB but at WAMU in Washington, D.C. They decide the number of times they mention phone numbers and e-mail addresses for the show. It is very possible that, by the time the writer was interested in responding, they may have been near the end of the show and/or had a full bank of callers and e-mails. When that happens, shows frequently do not solicit additional calls or e-mails that will not get on the air. We will forward the message to Diane Rehm and her producers.

The number for Diane's show is 800-433-8850, or email drshow(at) Here's a link to the Diane Rehm Show web site. You'll find information about the show, including contact information there. - Ed.]


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