Thursday, May 17, 2007


[Editor's note: Miami President David Hodge has charged the WMUB study committee with the task of making recommendations on the mission and future of the station. It should not be assumed that there is a plan to close WMUB.]

I was recently appalled to learn of the MU President's plan to close WMUB due to financial concerns.  I listen to WMUB daily primarily because the quality of it's programs outshines any other radio station in the area.  I am always disappointed when I travel out of range and loose reception.

WMUB not only provides quality programs but serves as a wonderful learning arena for those students who work there.  What a shame to loose this service to the community as well. 

While I understand the need to cut costs at Miami University and actually support this idea as a taxpayer,  I would suggest that there are other avenues to do so.  My understanding is that Miami pays for some extravagant training for employees.  When sending employees out of state for training, why should Miami cover the cost of the employees staying longer than the required number of days/nights?  Certainly Miami should cover the cost required for attendance but the employees should be required to pay for meals and lodging if they choose to stay longer than required.  Another thought would be to perhaps reduce the high salary paid to the President of MU.  I am under the impression that he makes over $350,000 per year and in addition, is provided free housing.  If a reduction is not a possibility, perhaps he could pay housing costs.

I am sure there are a vast number of ways to "tighten up" at Miami and as stated earlier, I actually support this.  I do feel however that to shut down WMUB would be to lose a valuable asset to the community and the surrounding area.

Thank you for the opportunity to voice my opinion regarding this important matter. 

--Name withheld by request, Oxford


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