Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Miami has a gem in WMUB

Dear Committee: I am on the faculty at Earlham College, and live in Richmond, IN. My husband and I are members of WMUB, and listen to it daily. I understand that you are charged with the responsibility of considering the future of WMUB, and have asked for listeners' ideas.

I want to say as strongly as I can how much I value public radio, and how important I think it is that there be an alternative to commercial radio. I have listened to All Things Considered and Morning Edition every day since the 1970s. Although I have lived in seven different places during those years, I have always sought out public radio and have always joined, even when my funds were limited. The range of viewpoints expressed, the professionalism of the reporting, the care and creativity that must be happening behind the scenes - all are evident to me. I am particularly fond of WMUB because it is associated with a university. Hearing the series of interns grow in their jobs and develop their radio voices and skills - it is all part of the delight. There are, of course, a core of steady on-going professionals at WMUB to balance out the learners.

I find WMUB to be truly educational in its programming - and I hope the university will continue to support - and maybe even expand its support - the possibilities. Changes in technology make it possible for students to interact with the information their hear on the radio - they can bring it into the classroom, use it in their research, and - well, I'm sure there are many more ways to connect that I just don't know yet.

My point is that Miami has a gem in WMUB, and those of us in "ear-shot" benefit as well. I hope you will seriously ponder the educational and cultural possibilities, and will seek funding sources to continue to support this station.

--Mary Garman, Earlham College, Richmond


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