Monday, May 14, 2007

NPR is our main source of news

We are long time members and fans of WMUB.  I know that you are going to have difficult decisions to make, but I certainly hope that you are able to preserve the programming as much as possible.

Of highest priority to us are are the NPR news broadcasts, both morning and evening, weekday and weekend.  I am rarely able to listen during the day, although I know there are interesting shows going on.  Second highest priority is Prairie Home Companion.

As Richmond listeners, we have little interest in the local reporting you do.  It would be fine with us for you to drop that, along with the Ohio state house news.  But, I'm sure Ohio listeners will disagree!  Also, we aren't jazz fans and never listen to those shows.

NPR news coverage is our main source of news.  It is extremely important that, in this age of the blending of news and entertainment, such balanced news reporting continue.

Good luck with your work,

--Nancy Taylor, Richmond


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