Monday, May 14, 2007

Earlham area's only NPR station

My husband and I just moved to Richmond last summer, and we were pleased that such a small town would have an NPR station. We were disappointed when it went off the air, but we now listen to WMUB/Oxford. We would be really disappointed if WMUB also went off the air. How else could we find a fair and balanced account of what's going on in the world while driving home from work? We couldn't.

We would really appreciate it if WMUB is able to stay on the air. We have donated to NPR in the past, and if WMUB remains on the air, I imagine we will donate again in the future. (This year has been a rough year, financially, with a cross-country move, a new puppy, a new baby, and going from a 2- to 1-income family.)

I know many others in the Earlham community would also be sad to lose our only NPR station. Thank you for taking our voices into consideration.

--Holly, Richmond


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