Friday, May 11, 2007

Vital to public education and voting

I am writing to express support for the continuing relationship of Miami University and WMUB Radio.  The League of Women Voters of Oxford has worked with the management of the station for more than thirty years.  Through those three decades, WMUB has co-sponsored and broadcast the non-partisan Candidates Forum before each Fall election.  In earlier years, several of the broadcasts were presented on local public television.  These broadcasts have reached tens of thousands of citizens in our region and have been very well received.  This component of the League's voter service work has been vital to public education and the encouragement of potential voters.  During the past several years, League members have worked at the station while fund-raising efforts were in progress.  We were very pleased to do so.

It is our hope that WMUB will remain at Miami University and that funds can be found to support its operation.  This radio station is not only very important to the local community and the region, it is important to the University as well.  Miami's stature is thereby significantly enhanced.  Notice of events is presented daily and the good name of the University is spread near and far.

--Sondra F. Engel, President, League of Women Voters of Oxford (on behalf of the League)


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