Thursday, May 10, 2007

Re: love wmub

I hear that the university is looking for feedback concerning wmub and its future. I listen to wmub in my car at all times.  I Iove this station and its programs. There are only two suggestions I have. 1) Increase power of station. I would listen to you all day at work, but cannot receive your signal at work in Dayton. Therefore, I listen to wyso, which is also good, but I cannot enjoy the Diane Rhem Show because they have a local program, which I do not enjoy, during this time slot. 2) Add the BBC to programs. This is one thing I love about wyso. I love your station and the work you are doing. Please keep it up, but increase your single strength so I can listen at work. I know I can listen to you on the web, but I do not think I could do this at work. I love Morning Addition, Market Place, Diane Rhem, Car Talk, All Things Considered, BBC, Momma Jazz, Blue Grass. I also love to listen to the old radio shows from the 30&40's and would love to hear Mystery Radio Theater again.

--Your Faithful Friend and Listener, Ken Hey


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