Thursday, May 10, 2007

Vital asset to a large region

I want to let you know how important WMUB is to me. I have been an NPR listener since childhood, and since I did part of my growing up in southwestern Ohio, I have done much of my listening to WMUB. I wouldn't want to live without NPR news. I thoroughly enjoy syndicated programs like Diane Rehm, Fresh Air, Weekend America and Whaddya Know?. I really like your local programs like Almost Monday and Mama Jazz. I thank you for your good, hard work to bring high quality news, information and entertainment programming to the area. As one who listens from Richmond, Indiana, I can attest that your station is a vital asset to a large geographic region. I am urging my colleagues here at Earlham College to voice their support for the station, but I know that you already know that many of support you, given how many familiar names I hear on day sponsorships and the like. Thank you and thanks to Miami University for your continuing stewardship of this precious resource.

My family and I moved to Richmond from the Washington, DC area where we were blessed to listen to WAMU and WETA. I think WMUB compares very favorably to those stations. I hope that your station can avoid the controversies and bad management decisions that have plagued both stations in recent years, and maintain its excellent relationship with the surrounding community. Your station seems well-connected to its community and I consider that a great asset. I enjoy the local commentaries (especially Tom Romano, who was my teacher at Edgewood High School in the late 80s). I appreciate the educational experience you have long offered to fledging radio professionals (including Chad Pergram, whom I have known since junior high school). I love the community calendar, through which you support so many great (but underfunded) cultural arts programs.

My wife and I support several public radio stations, and we will support WMUB as long as it continues provide programming that interests us. I know that public radio is facing great challenges right now, but I would urge Miami University to maintain its support for the station. WMUB is an amazing public resource and the best public face the university has to offer. Any decision by the university to cut support for the station would be incredibly short-sighted and devastating to the community. The station is, among other things, an educational resource and it seems to me that it is integral to the mission of the university. If you need to consider changes in programming, etc., I urge you to let your current supporters know in advance and see if more support can be galvanized. I plan to make another donation today. I think others, if they made to understand exactly what you situation is, will do the same.

I look forward to listening to (and supporting) WMUB for many years to come.


--Jonathan Graham, Earlhamite Editor, Earlham College


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