Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A companion and friend

Originally from Ft. Wayne, my husband and I have lived in Richmond, IN, for over 35 years. WMUB is a companion and friend, and I cannot imagine it being changed in any way except to make it even better with more resources.

 We travel frequently by car, always looking to tune in an NPR station. There is absolutely no comparison. WMUB has by far the best programming and the best mix of local and national shows of any other NPR station we have listened to anywhere. We are always so happy when we can get back into the "range" for WMUB! Of course, while at the computer we also enjoy listening online.

 The local shows are outstanding, and very professionally produced. Interconnect should be nationally syndicated.  It is "must hear" radio for me each Monday. I also love "Almost Monday."  It is a treat to hear the eclectic selections each Sunday evening.

 The staff of WMUB is also outstanding. They do an excellent, professional job.

 In summary, I hope the only change that is made as a result of this study is MORE support given to WMUB's budget, not less. WMUB is a fantastic marketing tool for Miami University. Perhaps funds could come from the marketing budget. WMUB can literally reach the world through the internet – what a great way to reach potential students and their families!

 WMUB is an essential service – it teaches, informs and entertains. We value it tremendously.

--Cindy Andersen, Richmond


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