Monday, May 07, 2007

Value to the public

Dear Members of the Committee,

As you go forward in preparing the range of options for future governance of the station, please consider the philosophic question of the station's value to the public as an educational arm of our institution.

I do not know if the university's budget includes any financial support of the station, and I regret my ignorance on that subject. But, as an affiliate of our educational institution, it seems that the station has earned its place among the other obvious forms of excellence at Miami University.  And, for that reason I believe that it is the university's obligation to recognize and support the station.

Today's society is most unfortunate to have the air waves full of so much useless air time.  By contrast, Public Radio is definitely one of the few refreshing places to find a variety of timely and interesting programs.  WMUB has won a place of honor among these public stations.

It is time to recognize the valuable contribution of WMUB to our listening area and to stand behind it with our full support.

--Dr. Jerome Stanley, Emeritus, Miami University


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