Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Disappointed in the signal

I am happy to continue my support of your station.  I've enjoyed WMUB and its programming since I began coming into the WMUB listening area in 1996 and even more so since I moved into the Dayton area in 2001.  I was always grateful when I crossed the boundary where your signal became strong enough that it wouldn't fade out on curves and under viaducts.

In the past month or so, I have been constantly disappointed in the WMUB signal reception in my home.  I found that on the stereo with the digital tuning, your signal is actually better listening if I tune to 88.55 instead of the 88.50 where I used to keep it set.  The radio in the kitchen has no such fine-tuning, and the reception is static-filled and at times unintelligible.  We have actually walked around the house with the radio to see if reception is better at certain places, but nothing seems to help much.  What can I do to get back to the clear reception of the past?  I desperately want to keep on being a day sponsor and listening to and supporting your station.  If it helps you to locate the problem, I would want you to know that the house is at 425 Marlay Road just north of the Dayton city limits.
Once again, I want you to know how much your station means to me.  I listen every morning, and you are (almost) the only station I have on.  The only time I change settings is when Wait…Wait…Don't Tell Me comes on WYSO on Saturdays.  If you change that program in your lineup, I would never have to switch stations.
Thank you for all you do to keep our area well-informed and entertained.  I do hope that Miami University will continue to support WMUB and even increase its budget for the radio station.  I know that when I went to BGSU, the radio and television stations were a vital part of campus life, and they both contributed to the enrollment and education of the university.  It's been my experience that the reputation and morale of the universities which cut programs suffer as a result.
It is my hope that the listeners, students, faculty, and staff of WMUB will continue the wonderful relationship we share for many years to come.  Thank you.

--Michael A. Welly, Dayton


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