Wednesday, May 02, 2007

WMUB is the face of Miami

WMUB is in many ways the face that Miami shows to the broad community in southwest Ohio.  Many follow Miami in the Sports pages but very little else gets into the Cincinnati and Dayton press that positively features Miami.  I am definitely in favor of continued, if not enhanced, support for WMUB by the university.  It gives students opportunities to learn, offers programming that is not available on other FM stations, provides interesting and informative discussion (not just sound bites) of important issues, and has a wonderful eclectic selection of programming that includes music, humor, the arts, special help (cars, computers, etc.).  It assists its listeners with the local weather (including emergency information on closings/delays), local news, local commentators, and even local traffic reports.  There is no other single source that is capable of doing that.

To discontinue or cut support would not articulate well the values of the university.  Indeed, as a state institution WMUB probably serves the community better than any other program Miami offers.  It also reaches the widest possible audience.  I doubt that there is any other program at Miami which is more economical on person-dollar cost basis.

Whatever number of comments you may receive (and I can't imagine any of them being negative), there is a sizable number of people who depend on WMUB but will not send in them comments.  You might ask organizations if they collectively have opinions.

--Betty Rogers, Oxford


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