Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Miami owes something to the community

My favorite show is "Sound Health", other than NPR.  

My wife and I really like this station.  Her favorite shows are Car Talk, Garrison Keillor, and occasional jazz, all of which I enjoy also.  Please preserve WMUB and enhance it.  

It seems to us that my son's university owes something like this to the community.  From personal experience, it is a wonderful feeling to have a discussion, in the physics labs I used to inhabit, with those who also got facts from WMUB or a similar source.  Those who had no facts, would usually express their uninformed opinions and then leave.  How many of us influence others to send their kids to Miami this way?  It is a subtle, but effective form of advertising that you should not overlook.  It directly targets quality parents, who have quality future college students.     

--Tim Pottenger


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