Tuesday, May 01, 2007

From good to great

In the past 9 - 10 years WMUB has changed from a good public radio station to a GREAT one.  I hope your committee will not recommend changes that will dilute or significantly change the current programming concepts.  This station fulfills our needs for radio news, news magazines & discussion and entertainment.  The station-produced programs are quite varied and interesting.
My wife Norma and I listen a lot, but not constantly, at all different times of the day.  WMUB wakes us in the morning.  I listen while shaving and have a headset I use while jogging or working out and for household and yard chores.  Norma likes to listen while ironing and cooking.  We both have it on in our cars.  I suspect we are typical of many other WMUB appreciators.
Since my retirement we travel a lot.  We naturally seek public radio stations wherever we are.  Each year we spend time near Naples FL, where we listen to WGCU; at Hilton Head Island, SC, where we listen to WSVH,(Savannah); and near Harbor Springs, MI, where we listen to WCMU (Mt. Pleasant).  None of these stations has the variety or the amount of intellectually stimulating programming provided by WMUB.  With these stations there is a pattern:  between NPR News in the morning and All Things   Considered in the late afternoon, there is a lot of dull time-filling programming, the kind that may please fans of baroque music.
A station we are familiar with that WMUB is comparable to is WBEZ in Chicago.  The main difference is scale.  Both stations excel in offering a diverse mix of locally and nationally produced programs that easily draw our attention.
 WMUB is a treasure!  Please protect and nurture it!        
--Charles E. McKinley


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