Monday, April 30, 2007

Would miss this resource

I am writing in regards to the announcement I heard Sunday night. I am a long time listener to MUB and feel it is an important resource in this area. I have supported, financially, public radio in the past and have recently had limited funds to do so with MUB.

I enjoy the programming from NPR and am pleased with MUB's schedule of NPR programs. I also like the local programming that airs most mornings. I feel that NPR stations give the most accurate and balanced reporting compared to commercial radio stations. I normally hear all sides of a subject and it is delivered in an intelligent manner. What I really like is public radios ability to handle ALL news stories with class, they have never over emphasized a news story, in my opinion.

I am unsure of MUB's future, but I would greatly miss this local resource if it were to leave the air. Thank you.

--Ritch Baudendistel, Brookvile, Indiana


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