Monday, April 30, 2007

Overwhelming enrichment

I began listening to WMUB long before I had the slightest idea what NPR was.  I suppose my story is somewhat unique.  I was raised in a strictly religious family.  Radios and TV were not allowed.  After a road trip taken with a friend of the family, I snuck the cheap AM/FM radio and headphones they had purchased for me home and hid it under my bed.  Once the lights went out and I thought it was "safe" I would slip the headphones on and listen to whatever I could find.  It didn't take long to discover the fascinating voice and music of Mamma Jazz.  I have been a jazz lover ever since, even though the headphones were confiscated a few weeks later!  

Fast forward 15 years and I met a wonderful man who inadvertently introduced me to was a match made in and NPR that is, the guy's ancient history.

I have it on in the car, at home, streaming across the internet at my desk...and I was thrilled to become a "real" member during the past fall member drive.

I feel like I've just found my radio home, and I certainly don't want to move.  

I don't know what I can say that someone else hasn't already said...and probably better...but the bottom line is:  I can't imagine what possible benefit to Miami University would be achieved by even a reduction in support to WMUB.  

In fact with the overwhelming enrichment to any kind of community that an affiliation with NPR provides, and taking into consideration the local color and pure passion for life, news, and education infused in the WMUB staff (have you heard Tana Weingartner during a member drive?!?!)…frankly, I would think this would be a rhetorical committee.

--Natalie Peffers, Dayton


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