Friday, April 27, 2007

WMUB is my favorite

WMUB is my favorite radio station, and I listen from daybreak, before 5AM, until 6pm.

I like most: Diane Rehm, Fresh Air most of the time, the Black broadcast at noon.  I love jazz programming esp Scott Hanley, not Mama Jazz - too much talk. I don't like the recycled programming on Sat 7 am, and I don't like Mama's gospel. I like jazz a lot and love gospel but the talk bugs me. So I turn it off.

I listen to all the NPR coverage: Morning Edition, and All Things Considered etc.

1. no jazz that I like until 11 pm, sooooo late for me. Why not start the satellite feed earlier? Or better yet, replace Mama. I know there are a lot of loyal fans, but I am not one. I wish there were another DJ and the jazz is essential for me. Don't change that!

2. static in Yellow Springs; poor reception. I have 5 radios. Only 1 gets wmub consistently; the tuner occasionally, late at night; the other 3, not at all. I told Olive Kettering Library head about my appreciation of the station and he wondered, How do I get any reception? He could not.

3. I listen for news and views. I appreciate Daniel Schorr. Want more in depth news analysis. Don't agree that your view is one-sided as many conservative listeners complain. Your reporting is balanced.  I have been requesting more Darfur coverage for several years, and I guess the situation there has gotten bad enough to get more attention now. Finally. I point this out because you are not news LEADERS - you need to let your listeners lead you too!

4. I implore you to devote coverage to the denial of the Armenian genocide, since you now feel safe to cover Darfur. The application by Turkey to become a member of the EU is your launching pad.  I sent a message to NPR as John Hingsbergen suggested, but don't know that it will be 'heard'

--DB, Yellow Springs


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