Monday, April 23, 2007

WMUB's importance to Miami

My feedback regarding the relationship between MU and WMUB:

1. Miami University prizes its status as a '"major league" institution. Without a public radio station, that status is diminished.

2. There is no other local radio station in Oxford and surrounding area, thus no other way to get quick information during weather emergencies, unusual school closings, and other local news. Other radio stations that claim to be local are parts of syndicates that actually broadcast from distant counties, are automated, and have little or no live personnel.

3. WMUB's programming is interesting and valuable, both the locally produced programs, and the NPR programs. The next closest station is probably WVXU, which doesn't carry too well this far away. It would be a huge loss to the community not to have access to the unique programming. Miami would suffer a serious public relations blow if the relationship were cancelled.

4. At a time when MU is trying to become more involved in the Oxford, Hamilton and Middletown communities, losing the radio station would be very counterproductive.

--Marcia in Oxford


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