Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Need for this type of environment

I can't say that I have followed all the latest on what's going on with WMUB. But it saddens me to receive an email stating that financial problems are putting WMUB, and I assume related university courses and programs in jeopardy. My experience with the university radio-TV-film department, and WMUB shaped my college and future career. I was a fine arts major, and was talked into taking some radio-TV classes in my sophomore year. Because of those experiences, I switched my major to radio-TV-film, and truly found my niche. I went on to eventually become the senior producer of the Phil Donahue show, and worked with him for 15 years. I've since written a nationally syndicated column on talk shows for 11 years, stopping this fall to complete work on my first book, due early next year. All of these accomplishments would never have happened if WMUB had not existed and if my related experiences hadn't occurred. There is a definite need for this type of environment at Miami University, and I hope the community and the university recognizes it.

--Lorri Antosz Benson


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